New York's hottest new amenity is chickens

By Virginia K. Smith | May 5, 2015 - 3:59PM

We've known for a while now that chickens are becoming a bona fide New York Trend Pet, but what if you got to skip all the hassle of coop set-up, and could buy an apartment already decked out with a pair of feathered friends?

This options is now available to you over on West 85th Street, where a $1.195 million one-bedroom duplex comes with an intriguing option: on-site chickens. (Hat tip to West Side Rag for spotting this one.) Here's how the listing describes the outdoor area: "An incredible multi-level furnished and landscaped terrace, currently planted to yield over eighty pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables a season. For the complete farm-to-table dining experience, the property can also include a custom chicken coop with two handsome hens that each lay an egg every day of the year."

For the right buyer—maybe an animal-friendly couple who's open to the idea of hosting brunch at their apartment every single weekend?—this sounds pretty ideal. Plus, even if you're on the fence about the chicken option, it's hard to ignore the bright, prewar interiors: 

If you do want to sign on for the "handsome hen" buying option, it might be a good idea to be extra friendly to the neighbors when you move in. The last thing this city needs is another neighborhood chicken war.


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