Affordable Housing

An $820/month studio—and a $940/month one-bedroom—are available in Bushwick

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Note: BrickUnderground is in no way affiliated with New York City public housing. If you are interested in applying to this or other affordable housing developments, please go to the NYC Housing Connect website for information and instructions.

More options to consider in what appears to be a slow trickle of affordable rentals arriving in Bushwick: Applications opened today for two affordable apartments at 37A Cooper Street, a brand-new building near the Chauncey J and Z stop. 

There's a single $820/month studio available to a tenant earning between $28,115 and $36,300 a year, as well as a $940/month one-bedroom available either to a single person earning between $32,229 and $36,300 or a couple with an annual income between $32,229 and and $41,460, per the listing on NYC Housing Connect. The apartments feature in-unit washer and dryers, and are a whole lot cheaper than the building's market-rate units, like this two-bedroom asking for $2,500/month (somehow we suspect a price chop is in its future):

If you're interested in applying, we've got tips here, and you can either apply through the NYC Housing Connect website or send a postcard or self-addressed envelope to 207 West 115th Street, New York, NY, 10026 to be mailed a paper application. Applications are due by June 10th, so move quickly.


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