PSA: You should spend your entire weekend riding the L train

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If you've been hearing a weird, loud sobbing sound coming from Williamsburg's general direction, there's a good reason: Next weekend marks the beginning of a five-weekend-long L train shutdown, in which the North Brooklyn lifeline will be closed for planned work on the weekends from April 18th through May 18th. Work was originally scheduled to begin this weekend, which means that regardless of whether or not you live off the L, this weekend of uninterrupted service should be treated like a gift.

Needless to say, small businesses that have suffered through a brutal winter—and are counting on increased traffic during spring weekends—aren't thrilled about the shutdown, and unsuccessfully petitioned the MTA to move the planned work to the end of August. However, some are now offering discounts tied to the work stoppage: via Brokelyn, the Annoyance Theatre is now offering buy-one-get-one-half-off tickets any time the L isn't running, and several boutiques have announced a this-weekend-only discount of $2.75 (e.g. the cost of subway fare) off any purchase.

If you don't live in the area, go forth and enjoy your favorite Williamsburg and Bushwick spots while you still can. And if you do live off the L, prepare to be stranded, yes, but also enjoy having having free run of your favorite bars, restaurants, and yoga classes that are usually overrun on the weekends. As Gothamist points out, maybe even Smorgasburg will be bearable.


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