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Want to live alone in Brooklyn, Manhattan or Queens? You'll need to make at least $96K a year

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | April 14, 2015 - 1:59PM

Wondering how much you need to make to live — and rent — in your favorite borough?  We're here to help. The data below is based on the March 2015 rental market reports for Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, which were recently released. 

Assuming that landlords require you to have 40 times the monthly rent (or you get a guarantor who makes 80 times or hire one), here's what your salary (or yours and any roommates/partners combined) will have to be, according to the new numbers.


 This Upper West Side co-op rental, at $2,100, is just about the median price for a studio across the borough.

  • To live in a studio,  you'll have to make $102,360. (Median rent: $2,559)
  • To live in a one-bedroom, you'll have to make $137,080. (Median: $3,427)
  • To live in a two-bedroom, you'll have to make $183,800. (Median: $4,595)
  • To live in a three-plus-bedroom, you'll have to make $239,800. (Median: $5,995)

*Data courtesy of Douglas Elliman


If you want a deal (as least as compared to the other boroughs), Brooklyn three-bedrooms are where you'll find them. This Williamsburg apartment, at $4,300, is slightly higher than the borough's median, but still lower than Queens and Manhattan.

  • To live in a studio, you'll have to make $96,240. (Median: $2,406)
  • To live in a one-bedroom, you'll have to make $106,000 (Median: $2,650)
  • To live in a two-bedroom, you'll have to make $137,200. (Median: $3,430)
  • To live in a three-plus bedroom, you'll have to make $171,480. (Median: $4,287)

*Data courtesy of Douglas Elliman


The median price of a two-bedroom in Queens is higher than in Brooklyn but lower than Manhattan. This Long Island City condo is just slightly over the median, at $3,800.

  • To live in a studio, you'll have to make $98,720. (Median: $2,468)
  • ​To live in a one-bedroom, you'll have to make  $118,280. (Median: $2,957)
  • To live in a two-bedroom, you'll have to make $151,600. (Median: $3,790)
  • To live in a three-plus-bedroom, you'll have to make $220,000. (Median: $5,5,00)

*Data courtesy of Douglas Elliman


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