Rent a $950 spot in a Bushwick "treehouse," if you're willing to use your imagination

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If you're still scrambling to find a room for May 1st and want to live in Bushwick by any means necessary, and have verrry loose definitions of "loft" and "treehouse—consider this your lucky day. 

For $950/month plus utilities, you could snag this "treehouse loft" in a Bushwick apartment near the Jefferson L train. An even better deal: Split the loft as a couple for $1,100 a month, or $550 per person. Here's what you're signing up for....

In this case, treehouse appears to refer to a makeshift lofted sleeping area within an apartment shared by three other roommates. You won't wake up to birdsong, and it's unclear if it has any manner of soundproofing whatsoever, but on the bright side, the building is dog-friendly and has laundry facilities on site.

Plus, provided you get along with your roomies, the common space is everything you'd want your gritty Bushwick loft to be—which is to say it's got high ceilings, huge windows, and a decent amount of exposed brick.

No pics of the kitchen and bathroom, though. One final thing to note: In addition to a message, the poster asks for applicants to send along links to their Facebook and/or Instagram profile. If you hope to have any shot of landing this place, now might be the time to lay off all those heavy handed "#CurrentMood" pics you've been posting every hour on the hour. (Maybe lay off those even if you aren't applying for this apartment, actually.)


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