You're not imagining it -- your commute is really long

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | March 19, 2015 - 8:59AM

Subway and bus fare may be going up to $2.75 on Sunday, but if you take into account how much time you spend commuting to and from work every day, you're  still getting something of a bargain -- paying less than 7 cents a minute to sit (or, more likely, stand) on that train or bus.

According to  a new report from the city comptroller  (which we learned about courtesy of Capital New York), NYC residents face the longest commutes in the country compared with workers in the 30 largest cities — clocking in an average of 6 hours, 18 minutes every week. The second longest? Our friends in San Francisco; but their weekly commutes are, on average, an hour shorter than ours (ln our ongoing city vs. city battle, let's give them a point.). 

Plus, when actual work time is factored in,  Big Apple dwellers' combined work weeks are also the longest in the country  at slightly more than 49 hours.

Oh, and if you'd rather not spend over six hours per week with your head in another New Yorker's armpit, we suggest steering clear of the 6 and 1 lines, the two busiest for worker bees, with the East Side train seeing 800,000 weekday customers during the week and the 1 seeing 650,000, according to an MTA spokesman.


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