Welcome to Laundry Week on BrickUnderground

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Leave it to Cate Blanchett to make laundry sound so noble: "An actress once advised me, 'Make sure you do your own laundry. It will keep you honest',” she has supposedly intoned. In this city, doing your laundry can also drive you crazy. Nowhere else are washers and dryers so fetishized, perhaps because so many of us have to do without them. We pay over a million dollars for an apartment, only to haul our wearables to the basement, quarters in hand (or a Smart card, if we're "lucky"). We squeeze three roommates into a $3,000 one-bedroom, only to spend Saturdays at the Laundromat. Or, we look for ways to outsource the chore to others, wondering if we’ll be judged for our slapdash wardrobes and raggedy underwear. Want to watch grown men and women salivate? Mention "dedicated laundry room in your own apartment."

This week, Brick makes a deep dive into the pile, reviewing wash-and-fold services, suggesting ways to pimp out your building's laundry room, exploring how families deal with ALL. THAT. LAUNDRY. — and much more. Join us.