Attention, Queens Craigslist house-hunters: The perfect home for a pothead like you

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | March 25, 2015 - 12:59PM

Sometimes living in NYC can be a real buzzkill. Whether it's your neighbors' complaints about that "herbal stink" filling the hallway or the side-eye your doorman gives you when your backpack-wearing friend shows up for three minutes once a week. (What? He's a student. And he's shy.)

So what's a  true pothead to do? Move to Colorado, of course, where the weed is legal and the houses are cheap. We found one on Craigslist that has five bedrooms, three bathrooms and two laundry rooms, for $245,000 (the owner might have been high when he came up with that low price). Interestingly, it was listed in Queens, NY real estate. (Is there something we don't know? Is that the borough of choice for stoners?)

It's been on the market for a month, and is available starting 4/21. Maybe the current owner really wanted to spend his last 4/20 there?

The house also has a jacuzzi (perfect for a Hot Tub Time Machine reenactment), a wood-burning stove and fireplace and sits on an acre overlooking the city.

The owner/broker is selling its stoner-worthiness big time: "In Colorado you can have your freedom to enjoy your 420 lifestyle without fear of being harassed by the local authorities," the listing says.

And you can say bye bye to your backpacked friends forever.  "With this property, you can grow your share and enjoy as you like." (Or if you prefer to outsource, there's a dispensary being built within a quarter mile).

According to the listing, the house is in a small town where everyone keeps to themselves. Possibly because they're too high to make it out the door. And it's "Under Market Value," yo.


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