How New York kids hunt for apartments (probably)

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How much total do you plan to tip the building staff this year?

We've heard recently from the New York Times how NYC kids are supposedly taking a larger role in picking their family mansions (or penthouses, or Hamptons homes). We thought we'd canvass a few others to see what their deal-breakers and deal-makers are:

• Savannah, age 21, Kips Bay

"A rent-stabilized apartment I can move into after college, when I assume mom and dad will be turning over the lease to me and retiring somewhere upstate. Also, a doorman who's not squeamish about occasional vomit."





• Justin, age 15, East Village

"A deck with a built-in half-pipe would be really really really cool."







• Stella, age 10, Upper West Side

 “I want to be like Eloise so I want an apartment at the Plaza. What? You mean I won’t be able to have my own room if we live in the Plaza? You can’t afford to buy an apartment for all of us at the Plaza? Whatever, as long as I have my own room and don’t have to share with my brother.”





• Guthrie, age 5, Park Slope

"A passive house. It's all about the carbon footprint."







• Alec, age 11 months, Woodside

"A virtual golf room and a wine cellar would be nice perks, but low monthlies and a liberal subletting policy are non-negotiable. Also, a doorman who's not squeamish about occasional vomit."





Illustrations by WBW


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