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Live like your favorite Mad Men character

By Jennifer Laing | March 24, 2015 - 9:59AM

We’ve been in mourning over the impending end of Mad Men for months. In honor of the final episodes, which debut April 5 on AMC, we’ve rounded up listings of apartments and homes fitting for the show's main characters—and the legions of fans who long to live like them. Sit back and drink them up:

Don & Betty’s Ossining Home

When the series begins, Don & Betty are living in the picturesque Westchester, NY suburb of Ossining. This three bedroom, three bath Ossining house currently on the market (and just reduced in price!) has serious literary cred. It was home to Pulitzer Prize-winning American novelist John Cheever and his family for the past 55 years and still retains many of the period details—orange kitchen counters! wood paneled walls!—Mad Men fans will appreciate. (Existential crisis not included.)

Don & Megan’s Park Avenue Penthouse

After marrying Megan, Don ditches the Greenwich Village bachelor pad for a penthouse at 783 Park (which, as Gothamist points out, he would never be able to afford in 2015). Alas that address doesn’t exist, but this nearby apartment in a 1919 Emery Roth building with two bedrooms, two baths and a large private terrace makes a fine alternative.

Pete & Trudy’s Upper East Side Co-op

Before they moved to Cos Cob, Pete and Trudy bought what Trudy described as a 1,500 square foot two-bedroom for $32,000. (Sigh. Those were the days). This one at 112 East 83rd St.  might come close at 1,400 square feet with two beds and two baths.

Don’s Village Bachelor Pad

After his split from Betty, Don moves into a bachelor pad at 104 Waverly Place. This three-bedroom, one-bath down the street at 160 Waverly Place doesn't have much of a kitchen but it does offer two extra bedrooms for when Sally, Bobby and Gene come to spend the weekend.

Roger’s Upper East Side Co-Op

According to a note he scribbled with his address before dropping acid in season 5, Roger lives at 31 East 66th St. Like Don & Megan’s Park Avenue penthouse, that address is, unfortunately non-existent, but this four-bedroom, four-bath prewar condo at 66th and Madison looks worthy of the silver fox.

Peggy’s Upper West Side Townhouse Fixer-Upper

Peggy passes on a two-bedroom apartment in Yorkville in favor of a brownstone fixer-upper in the then-dodgy West 80s. This landmark, four story building at 155 West 75th Street is currently divided into 10 apartments, but we’re sure she and Abe would have had the vision to transform it into a masterpiece of a home. And in 2015, the neighborhood can't be beat!

Megan’s Laurel Canyon Bungalow

We don’t have an exact address for Megan’s retro Laurel Canyon digs, but this groovy two bedroom, one-and-three-quarter-bath house at 2212 Laurel Canyon Boulevard fits the bill thanks to its beamed ceilings, fireplace and terrace (just like Megan’s home). (Imagine the groovy parties!) Bonus: those Eero Aarnio Bubble Chairs come with the house.


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