Real New Yorkers talk laundry room etiquette

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In Case You Missed It: Every so often, BrickUnderground digs through the archives to find the best advice our experts have shared through the years.

Need a refresher course on your laundry room etiquette? Take a gander at this video from BrickUnderground’s Apartment Dwellers on the Street series, in which our founder and CEO Teri Rogers interviews New Yorkers to find out:

  • If it’s ever okay to take someone else’s clothing out of the dryer: Some cringe at the prospect of a stranger handling their lacy underthings ("I feel completely violated when someone does it"), but others feel that time is such a precious commodity in NYC that you’re within your rights to remove clothes that have been sitting there for a while ("The laundry room is a war zone"). The debate rages on.
  • What to do if someone steals your pants: Be vigilant or you might miss seeing a neighbor cavorting about in your stolen slacks.
  • The best laundry room pick-up lines: “Tide or Cheer?” or "Is that Victoria's Secret? Wow, I like G-strings quite a bit."

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