Small Wonder

A $2,350 studio's got charm -- but not necessarily space -- to spare

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At about 350 square feet, this week's Small Wonder is certainly small—what else would you expect in Greenwich Village? But what we liked about this $2,350 studio (aside from its location on West Eighth between MacDougal and Sixth), are the charming details, like the decorative fireplace, the wide-planked wood floor and the pretty windows that offer garden views. (The apartment faces the back, so it's also probably pretty quiet.)

The fireplace may not work, but it makes the place look that much cozier.

Anyway, who cares how small the apartment is when you're living in one of the most charming neighborhoods in all of the city, with tons of restaurants, bars and shops everywhere that'll keep you out of the house most of the time.

And chances are you'll be eating out or ordering in a lot given the size of this kitchen. If you do plan on doing any chopping at all, you'll have to buy one of those portable butcher block/storage pieces (the extra storage should certainly be a help too).

According to the floorplan above, there's only one closet, so you'll also need to create your own storage space. The building is a walk-up with a video intercom system. Note: No pets allowed.

And keep in mind that the initial outlay is going to be rather large -- with two months security deposit and a 15 percent broker's fee required, it'll be almost $9,000 up front. It's still something of a steal, though, considering it's over $700 less than the median price for a studio in the neighborhood.


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