The latest perk for renters: shoe shines in the lobby

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Bowling alleys, pet concierges, and “social saunas” are the kind of building perks that get all the buzz, but for our money, we’d rather have a laundry room and a roofdeck. Simple, yes, but the kind of thing we’d use on the regular. Well, here’s another service we wouldn’t mind having: free weekly shoeshines in the lobby.

Now available at a dozen high-end rental buildings in the city, the amenity comes courtesy of Star Shine NYC, the company best known for its scantily clad female shoe shiners. It seems that Star Shine has chucked the Hooters-like approach, closed its Wall Street-area storefront, and set up shop in buildings like the Caroline in the Flatiron District and 2 Water Street in the FiDi, DNAinfo reports.

"It's free of charge to our residents,” John Dipaolo, a building manager who set up the services at the Caroline, tells the publication, “and it's definitely unique to have a young, pretty woman shining your shoes.”

Plus, no need to  visit Grand Central to get the scuff marks off your boots.


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