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Controlling the temperature or noise in your apartment: What's more important?

By Mayra David  | December 15, 2014 - 3:00PM

It’s that time of year again when many New Yorkers ask themselves: Why can’t we control the heat in our apartment? On the other hand, noise control is a year-round issue. So, we asked five New Yorkers what's on their wish lists: power over the temperature inside or windows thick enough to silence the din outside? 

  • Super heat superhero: It gets so insanely hot in my apartment when the heat starts cranking that I sleep with my windows open during the winter anyway. When it snows, I’d still be treated to the sound of whirring wheels from cars that can’t get out of their parking spots, so what’s the use of soundproof windows? In the summer, the A/C drowns out some of the noise. … So, I guess if I had to choose one these NYC-specific super powers, I’d go with the ability to control the temperature in my apartment. - Chad, Jackson Heights
  • Nose no-no's: For sure, I’d want to control the heat in my apartment. Even with the windows open, I always wake up in the middle of the night because it’s so damn hot in my room. I was waking up with nosebleeds because the air is so dry and it was messing up my nasal cavity. So, not only am I wasting energy by leaving windows open while the heat is cranking, I’m now also running a humidifier all night long. - Trina, Upper East Side
  • Channeling the North Pole: Dear Santa, it would be really awesome if you could get me better windows for my apartment. They leak cold air and the drafts are strong enough to blow out candles my boyfriend and I light up when we try to have a romantic dinner at home. We’ve tried the window plastic shrink wrap, but it doesn’t really help. Also, as you know, we live on a loud street. We’re constantly talking over traffic and sirens and other people talking outside. It’s getting old.- Anna, Carroll Gardens
  • Saving the planet: I’d really love to be able to control the heat in my apartment. I try to conserve energy where I can. I shut off power strips and never leave lights on. I never leave water running unnecessarily, and take really quick showers. I care about the environment. So it kills me that I have to leave windows open all winter long just to get the apartment temperature at a habitable level. - Anika, East Harlem
  • Window wants: Well, I can already control the temperature in my apartment since we have these thru-wall units. I hate that they blast air as strongly and almost as loudly as a Dyson hand dryer, but oh well. At least I can shut it off anytime I want. But I can’t get used to the screech of the fire trucks and busses and garbage trucks, so soundproof windows would literally save my sanity. Who knows, maybe Santa will come to my rescue… - Marco, Hamilton Heights

Verdict: Winter wonder windows: 2 , Ho ho ho, merry heat control: 3

Winner: Heat control!


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