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Live the urban-suburban dream in a $7,500/month Queens colonial

By Virginia K. Smith  | December 16, 2014 - 3:59PM

A rental for $7,500 a month is no one's idea of a bargain—at least, no one we know—but if you're going to splash out that kind of cash, you might as well get more than an overpriced Midtown one-bedroom. Maybe something like this huge waterfront colonial four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Whitestone, Queens? 

Check out all that extra living space, including a separate dining room:

The house feels more like a suburban enclave than a family home within the five boroughs, and while it's not near any trains—meaning you'll need a car if you don't want to rely on the bus—the place does have a private driveway and garage attached. For renters with kids, the backyard and solid local school district are major pluses, as is the attic, the better to keep extra toys and clothes out of sight.

There's a large master suite with a private bathroom, in addition to three other bedrooms and two more bathrooms, plus a half bath. No pictures of the bathrooms show up in the listing, which could be a pretty serious red flag. However, the bedrooms look to be well-lit and spacious:

The eat-in kitchen is a nice touch, though it appears to come with some out-of-date appliances in tow (and again, this makes us wonder if the bathrooms are painfully retro):

There's also outdoor space and a fenced in porch:

For a renter who's into the exposed brick, hardwood floors, and historical detail of the house, and is happy to rent outside the hustle and bustle of the city, it could be an ideal choice.

However, there are a couple of major caveats to keep in mind. The house is also for sale—it went on the market in May for almost $4.3 million and is now asking $3.9 million—so if you're hoping to stay here for more than a year, you might be out of luck (or at the mercy of its eventual buyer). It's also unclear whether or not the place comes furnished. It's also right on the waterfront, and in Storm Zone 5, meaning that you'd be wise to shell out for expensive flood insurance coverage on top of your standard renters' insurance policy.

For more images of the interiors (including fleeting, if uninformative glimpses of the bathrooms), take a look at the video tour below, and decide for yourself:


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