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Four bedrooms in the East Village, but a lifetime away from dorm-style living

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | December 9, 2014 - 3:59PM

This East Village four-bedroom, two-bathroom for $5,688 a month could be the perfect crash pad for the recent grad (and three buddies) who've saved up for a bona fide Manhattan abode. Or, since it's on Second Avenue between Fifth and Sixth Streets, it may appeal to the current student who wants to walk to class at NYU or Cooper Union (and has the money to afford it). 

No, this place doesn't necessarily fit a post-grad budget. The already pricey rent factors in a free month, so you'd wind up paying even more if you renewed the lease, and works out to $1,400 a person. Not bad for a place below 14th Street (and about $1,000 less than the average for other four bedrooms in the East Village, according to StreetEasy) but not exactly cheap for living with three other people. 

But consider that the listing itself boasts, "Shares OK! Guarantors OK!"--a pretty good giveaway that the landlord is fine renting to roommates, and an indication that a parental figure could co-sign your lease no problem. 

And if you've got the funds (or access to them), consider what this place has to offer: Four bedrooms, each with windows and closets (which is, sadly, not a given in this area); a gut renovation that's added decidedly un-dorm-like chocolate oak floors, custom lighting, exposed brick and subway tiles in at least one bathroom; Bluetooth speakers throughout for maximum music-playing convenience; and red accents on the heating pole, radiators and backsplash. Fun!

The kitchen isn't gargantuan, considering it's got to accommodate four, and the place looks to be a typical no-frills walk-up. Still, it's within an easy walk of eight different subway trains, around the corner from the strip of Indian restaurants on Sixth Street, and pretty much smack dab in the neighborhood that probably inspired all of your fantasies about moving to New York in the first place. ​


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