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A bigger closet or private basement storage: New Yorkers on what they'd prefer

By Mayra David  | November 21, 2014 - 3:59PM

Yes, we all know, in NYC, there’s no such thing as too much storage. But if you had the option, where would you prefer to put it? Five New Yorkers enlighten us on which is best: more closet space in the bedroom or a separate unit in the building's basement.

Saving stuff (and money) in the basement: I would much rather have storage in the basement because the things that take up a ton of space are the things I don’t use often, but don't make financial sense to get rid of. Like these tools I have: power drill, nail gun, paint mixing attachment. I also have a bike in our hallway, and two air conditioners that take up a lot of space three quarters of the year. - Edel, East Harlem

Cribs? Not in my crib: The really crucial thing for me is stuff like A/C units and air mattresses … stuff I don’t really want in my bedroom closet! Plus there’s this handmade baby crib my grandfather made that I used for my first baby, but it’s not convertible so he can’t use it anymore, since he’s four! But he’ll be a big brother soon. In the meantime, it’s taking up a ton of space. So definitely, a basement storage would be the best, in our situation. - Maryann, Harlem

Clothes call: Well, like most women, I say you can’t have too many clothes or bags, or too much closet to store them in! So I’d definitely want more bedroom closet space. Though my husband might have something to say about that! - Jean, Upper West Side

Out of sight, out of mind: There’s no question basement storage is more practical for us! First of all, there’s the kids' bikes. We already keep them in the basement, though it’s not formal storage, so we just kind of hope nobody steals them. There’s also my bike, and then sleds, beach chairs, and so on. Right now, those are in my brother’s basement, but that’s not right either. We could do some paid storage space, too. And I don’t want to lug our A/C over there either! And also then I have a feeling we’d never go out and get those things to use them anymore. - Oscar, Inwood

Free up the bedroom: Well, our building just created A/C storage. For just $25 dollars a year, they will let us store our A/Cs in the basement. That’s a huge issue solved, for us. So, I guess, now I’d go for more clothes storage in the bedroom! But seriously, there’s also bed linen and extra blankets, towels, and pillows that we need to store in the apartment. We get a lot of out-of-town visitors, or my girlfriends end up crashing on my couch after girls’ night! - Sherie, Bronx

Results: basement: 3; closet: 2

The winner: basement storage


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