A garden for even the most space-challenged apartment

By Jennifer Laing  | November 10, 2014 - 3:59PM

As far as gardening goes, growing herbs is about as easy as it gets—except in New York City where even finding an available windowsill to hold a pot is a challenge. Enter the Herb Grower, which holds four planters and attaches to the wall.

The creation of Vertical Gardens Studio, a Vancouver, Canada-based architect-business developer-technology designer, the grower has a built-in watering system that drains into an attached pan to prevent runoff. Plus, the units are modular, so you can hang extras to grow more plants or create a decorative wall. 

To get the Herb Grower off the ground (literally and figuratively), Vertical Gardens is aiming to raise $55,000 CAD via a Kickstarter campaign. You can support the project with a pledge: $55 CAD (about $48.50 plus shipping) will get you one Herb Grower at an early bird price, $145 CAD (about $128, plus shipping) will you one Herb Grower 2X—an extra-tall grower with eight pots. Assuming the project is funded, you can expect delivery in March 2015.


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