Haunted house-hunting tips, posh tenements make their way to Murray Hill, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | October 27, 2014 - 10:59AM

Buying—or selling—a haunted house? This broker's got tips (and some creepy stories, too) (NYM, previously)

For the renter who wants luxury on a (sort of) budget: tenements with tricked out extras (NYDN)

On average, buying is 38 percent cheaper than life as a perma-renter (NYT)

Selling a home with sexed-up (or weird) decor? Get rid of it—digitally (NYDN, previously)

Why taxes are so much higher on condos than brownstones (NYT)

Tips for a Twin Peaks inspired apartment makeover, just in time for Halloween (Refinery 29)

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