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Save on space with this foldable cardboard standing desk

By Jennifer Laing  | October 10, 2014 - 8:59AM

Think your New York apartment is too small for a home office? Then you need to check out the Portable Cardboard Standing Desk by Wellington, New Zealand-based design firm Refold.

Made of recyclable, sturdy cardboard, the desk is made up of four slotted pieces that supposedly assemble in under two minutes. It’s apparently just as easy to fold and store it back up thanks to a self-containing carry case that’s slim enough to fit into a closet or under a bed. The desk is available in three sizes to suit users of various heights. Since it’s meant to be used standing up (it’s more ergonomic and aids productivity, claims the company) there’s no need for a chair to clutter your space—making it ideal for a typically tiny NYC pad.

The desk comes in three sizes and folds flat for toting and storing

Refold’s Portable Cardboard Standing Desk is already 92 percent funded with 30 days still to go in their Kickstarter campaign, which means there’s still time to contribute—though only a few can be shipped outside of New Zealand. A pledge of about $15 will go towards the building of a desk to be sent to a school in need through the company’s collaboration with UNICEF New Zealand, while a pledge of about $19 (plus shipping) will get you a laser cut cardboard business card holder. Expect delivery in December 2014.


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