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Control clutter with a 'covert' coffee table made in Croatia

By Jennifer Laing  | November 3, 2014 - 9:59AM

If you’re an avid magazine reader, it’s easy to get buried under piles of periodicals. (Honestly, do you really plan to read all those New Yorkers?) In most cities, such problems are trivial, but in NYC where clutter can quickly get out of hand, it’s a more serious concern. To the rescue: the Mag Rack, a minimalist architectural coffee table with a handy, built-in slot for magazines, newspapers and other recurring publications.

A nifty design makes magazines all but disappear

Designed by Austrian-Croatian architect-designer (and rower!), Nikola Popovic, the Mag Rack Table is handcrafted in Croatia of either plywood and linoleum (which creates a warm matte finish) or middle-density fiberboard and acrylic (which delivers a glossy surface). The tables are shipped flat and can be assembled with an Allen key. After being shown at a number of international exhibitions—including Dutch Design Week, Prague Designblock and Moscow Design Week—the Mag Rack is making its official debut in two lengths (the 41.33-inch Mag-Impulse and the 62.99-inch Mag-Ander) and several colors.

Six tables were designed and now two are to be put into production

With 37 days to go in its Kickstarter campaign, Popovic and his partner, Sasha Popovic Mills, have raised $2,420 CAD towards their goal of $15,000 CAD. You can back their efforts by contributing to their  project. A pledge of $35 CAD (about $40) will get you a Mag Rack cotton t-shirt in black or white, while a pledge of $356 CAD, plus $97 shipping (about $405) will get you an acrylic-finished Mag-Impulse in your choice of nero (black), mocha (brown), bordeaux (burgundy) or white. Expect delivery in April 2015.


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