Would You Rather?

Walk-in closet or second bath: Which would you rather have?

By Mayra David  | September 5, 2014 - 3:59PM

Both are luxuries in New York, but which one do city dwellers prefer? We asked five New Yorkers whether they'd prefer a spacious spot to keep their clothes or an option to nix the need to share a shower.

  • A place to stow your stuff: I have a half-bath already, so I’d love a walk-in closet! We do get quite a lot of house guests visiting from out of town so we have a lot of extra comforters and pillows and four air mattresses. I’d love to have those accessible instead of stowed away in this crawl space right under the ceiling. It’s a pain in the neck to get on a ladder, and try to lower your stuff without everything—including yourself—falling down. I want to just walk in and be done. - Bunny, Harlem
  • More storage, more problems: Second bathroom for sure! I’m trying my best to get rid of my junk—not store it! More storage means more junk. If you have storage, you get into the habit of wanting to fill that space with crap. Next thing you know, you’re a hoarder with health problems. - Lionel, Queens
  • Room for hospitality:  Second bathroom, of course! We are only a family of three, but a second bath is sorely needed. Especially for when we have overnight guests. That’s when it gets really uncomfortable having only one bathroom.  And living in NYC, you always have a lot of overnight guests! - Mariah, Upper West Side
  • Upping the property value: A second bathroom raises the value of your home higher than any walk-in closet ever could. I don’t think people need to own so many clothes that they need to give their gowns a whole tiny room to themselves. Plus, if you had a walk-in closet, you would be tempted to spend even more money filling it! - Violeta,  Jackson Heights
  • Facilities for the first floor: I’d give anything for a second bathroom! We’ve even looked into how to possibly create a half-bath in our apartment. It’s expensive, but would be well worth it! A walk-in closet would be nice, too, sure. But I think generally, that people need to reduce how much stuff they have. My family is certainly that way. We have a rule: If you bring something in, you must at least try to get rid of something in return. A second bathroom would be fantastic for our home, which is a duplex. I’d love not to have to go upstairs, and send dinner guests upstairs, whenever somebody needs to use the facilities. - Claudette, Upper West Side

Results: Clothes horse: 1; Second bath: 4

Winner: Second baths win by a landslide!


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