5 NYC abodes where even the bathroom has a view

By Virginia K. Smith  | September 5, 2014 - 1:59PM

Whatever room they're in, views always come at a premium in New York apartments. But it seems to us there's something extra luxurious about a bathroom with a a major vista, letting you gaze out at the city while slathering yourself in the finest of oils (or whatever it is you do in a $60 million place of residence). From One57 to the Brooklyn Heights waterfront, we've rounded up apartments where you can spy on the rest of the city while you soak (and remain high up enough to protect your privacy).

In the master bathroom of the $60 million penthouse at the under-construction Baccarat Residences on 53rd Street, the "Victoria and Albert" soaking tub also happens to overlook the city skyline.

Just about every room has a view in this $25 million four-bedroom at 80 Columbus Circle, including the bathroom, which overlooks Lincoln Square.

There are a lot of reasons to gawk at New York's mega-development du jour, One57, but for today, we'll settle on the view from the tub in this $60 million three-bedroom (that's $20 million per room!).

For a comparatively (but only comparatively) budget-friendly option, there's this $34 million Greenwich Village townhouse, which has enough trees near the windows that (we assume) neighbors can't see into the bathroom while you're soaking, but still offers plenty of natural light, and views of the neighborhood.


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