One building's pee-bag-in-the-garbage-chute nightmare, and how to handle your own bad neighbors

By Virginia K. Smith  | August 25, 2014 - 1:14PM

Time to give your neighbor a hug, bake them cookies, or at least toss them a wave in the hallwaysomething to thank them for not being the anonymous Fort Greene renter who's been sending trash bags full of urine down the building's garbage chute for months.

A tipster from 301 Cumberland Street in Fort Greene wrote in to Brownstoner last week about the building's pee problem, which has apparently been going on since November 2013. "Bag after pee-filled bag [bursts] at the bottom of the stairs or [leaks when it lands]" in the shared basement, which also houses the laundry room, they note. As such, the common areas are starting to smell like a Meatpacking District alley on a Sunday morning in August. Delightful. 

In response, the building's owners at Dermot Company sent out a strongly worded letter imploring the culprit to "please use your toilet as waste disposal and not the trash chute," and threatening to go from apartment to apartment until they weed out whoever's been bagging up and tossing out such high volumes of pee.

Oof. Well, no time like the present to brush up on how to handle a terrible neighbor, right? A little pertinent advice from our archives:


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