Alec Baldwin: nosy neighbor, renting when you've got bad credit, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | August 18, 2014 - 10:59AM

Drama in Alec Baldwin's apartment building demonstrates the importance of hallway security cameras and the utility of frying pans in settling noisy neighbor disputes (NYT)

The evolution of one Tribeca Mitchell-Lama building and its residents, in photos (Slate)

Bad credit doesn't mean you're doomed when it comes to finding a rental (NYT)

"The world's worst listings," but, um, at least you know it's not a bait-and-switch? (Daily Mail)

Some nice, Monday morning sour grapes: owning a giant home is more trouble than it's worth, anyway (WSJ)

Would your rent be cheaper if we eliminated pied-a-terres altogether? (Gawker)

City Island is getting some slick new housing options (NYT)

Brokers now opening their own Harlem cafes to speed up gentrification (and justify higher prices) (NYDN)

There are upsides to having a roommate in this city besides the cheaper rent, you know... (NYT) be sure to treat your roomie well (and handle disputes diplomatically) (Apartment Therapy)

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