When building gossip gets litigious, a neighbor's "screeching" dogs, and more

By Virginia K. Smith  | July 7, 2014 - 10:59AM

Surprise, surprise, intra-building message boards can be a social (and even legal) minefield (Habitat Magazine)

So your neighbor's dogs won't stop barking (and barking, and barking). Anything you can do? (NYT)

As for building-wide cat colonies: charming tradition or health hazard? (The Villager via The Real Deal)

For those of us with good real estate problems, eight questions to ask yourself before snapping up a second home (Business Insider via The Real Deal)

Besides being a nuisance, those "charity" bins in your neighborhood aren't exactly doing a whole lot for charities (NYT)

An awfully compelling list of reasons why living uptown is the best (Thrillist)

Crown Heights seems to be getting more desirable (and expensive) by the day (NYT)

In case you're still putting off buying one, here are the 10 very best A/C units (amNY)

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