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Brooklynites are getting a new network of neighborhood blogs

By Virginia K. Smith  | July 16, 2014 - 11:59AM

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: New Yorkers are spoiled for choice (in the best way possible) when it comes to news coverage of neighborhood issues, from the lowdown on new bars to updates on subway service. It might be a phenomenon unique to a city overflowing with writers and journalists—and an audience hungry for news—but either way, the hyper-local blog boom is a trend we can very much get behind. 

Well, we're about to get even more spoiled: the Times reported yesterday that Brooklyn blogs Sheepshead Bites and the Bensonhurst Bean will be merging into a larger entity known as Corner Media, which runs Ditmas Park Corner and Park Slope Stoop, among other blogs, with plans to eventually cover all of Brooklyn, then all of New York.

“There is a business in doing good for the community," Ned Burke, who founded Sheepshead Bites and the Bensonhurst Bean and is now Corner Media's senior editor and associate publisher, told the Times.

The new company will be run by Liena Zagare, who previously started the network of blogs that includes Ditmas Park Corner, Park Slope Stoop, and Kensington BK. It's unclear what neighborhoods they'll move into next, but we'd venture a guess they'll stay in South Brooklyn, and expand outward from there.

As Zagare put it when comparing their sites to the model over at BuzzFeed, where her husband is the editor in chief: “They both have cat pictures, but we actually know the cats.”


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