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New York by Gehry residents: wild for the workout spaces but lukewarm on interior design tips

By Polly Mosendz | March 26, 2014 - 9:59AM 

Every week, BrickUnderground correspondent Polly Mosendz surveys those who live in New York's most amenity-laden buildings to learn which extras are actually useful and which ones barely get a try. 

Building: New York by Gehry8 Spruce Street, Financial Distict

What you'll pay: Rentals available now range from a studio for about $2,700 a month to a two-bedroom for $6,475 a month.

What you'll get: Concierge, lounge, doorman, indoor pool, piano room, library, reading room, yoga studio, sunbathing area, terrace, gym, spin studio, roof deck, game room, pool hall, movie theater, maid service, interior design referrals, spa, personal training, babysitting services, pet care, catering services for private events, wine tastings, car servicing, parking, swim lessons, arts and crafts studio, Pilates studio

Which perk do you make the most of?

Sally: I use the yoga studio almost every day, and I take the classes.

Collin: All of the fitness options and the babysitter.

Anders: I use almost everything. I even tried the catering service recently. They helped me plan an engagement party.

What don't you need?

Sally: I don’t use the outdoor space really, and none of the child care or car services. I haven’t seen the event space, but don’t think I would use it.

Collin: I haven’t used the media room, game room or pool area. Or the spa.

Anders: I tried everything once.

What surprised you?

Sally: For such tiny apartments, the public spaces are huge.

Collin: Interior design referral? That seems weird. My wife decorated the place.

Anders: It's almost decadent here. They thought of everything. [It's] surprising no other building has done that.

Did you move here for the amenities?

Sally: Not really. It was a good price through a friend and down the street from my office.

Collin: Sort of. I needed kid-friendly activities in the building for my daughter, but beyond that I wasn’t planning on getting all this.

Anders: I wanted to say that I live in a Gehry building. That’s what brought me in.

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