A space-saving desk for the tech addict in all of us

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | March 21, 2014 - 8:59AM

If Apple designed a desk, it would be the SlatePro TechDesk. With display docks to keep your smartphone and tablet upright, air vents to cool your laptop, and a heavy duty built-in mousepad, you'll never again misplace your devices while working. Bonus: its sleek design will fit in even the tiniest of home offices.

The desk accommodates any size computer and comes with a filing rack, pen dock and recessed cup holder to avoid gadget-destroying spills. The surface is bamboo protected by a sheet of clear acrylic and the legs are steel.

The makers of the SlatePro, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based company called iSkelter, have already raised more than $88,000 on Kickstarter--well over their $12,000 goal--with less than a week to go. The SlatePro will retail for $698, but pledge $398 and you'll get one delivered in May.

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