Would You Rather?

Would you rather have a part-time doorman or a full-time remote doorman?

By Mayra David  | January 17, 2014 - 10:55AM

This week it's man (or woman) versus machine: Would you rather have a part- time doorman, or a full-time remote doorman?

  • Part-time doorman I’m not really sure if a remote doorman fulfills the purpose of a real doorman. A remote doorman can take packages, right? But what about the security factor? Not just being a presence out there on the street, but also when workmen or delivery people or any strangers come in. I think a remote doorman can’t give those people a sense that somebody is looking out for the building. Even if it’s part time, would be muggers or mischief-makers would know to stay away. - Verena, FiDi
  • Remote doorman Our building works fine without a doorman at all, so I guess I’d prefer a remote doorman - you don’t have to make conversation or tip them! -Liz, Park Slope
  • Part-time doorman I love our doormen. They come out and help us with luggage, groceries. They’re always cheerful in the morning and get me out the door cheerful, too. They are a reliable, invaluable factor in our building community. I don’t care if it’s  a full-time or part-time doorman, a remote one can’t take their place! - Ralph, Hamilton Heights
  • Remote doorman If something can be as efficiently done by a machine as a human, then I’d go for a machine. Because they are guaranteed to be cheaper in the long run. That’s their only purpose -- to save money. I’m all for that.  -Gregory, Upper West Side
  • Part-time doorman I was followed into the building by would-be robber once. He wasn’t violent and didn’t have a weapon and only threatened me with words. He fled as soon as a neighbor came by. Still, I was scared. When it comes to the security factor, I don’t see how a remote doorman would have helped. I would go with a friendly human being--even if part-time--over a remote doorman with employees sitting who knows where in the country. - Verge, Harlem
  • Part-time doorman Even if the remote doorman does cost so much less than a part time doorman, I would still go with a part-time doorman. Nothing beats a person you can rely on for occasional favors (yes, with tip!) or to get to know your friends and greet them when they come visit, or help you carry your bags from a cab because they know that at the end of a work day, you just need a little gallantry! -Suze, Upper West Side

Result: Part-time doorman: 4, remote doorman: 2
Winner: Part-time human doorman!

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