Developers shun one-bedrooms, lobby reno leaves renters "stunned," tax credit for renters and more

By Sara Alessi | January 13, 2014 - 8:59AM

How can anyone afford to live in Brooklyn anymore? (Slate)

Mortgage protections are here, and now lenders have to make sure you can actually afford your loan (NYDN)

Here’s one reason to celebrate if you earn less thank $100k: You might just be eligible for a tax break--but for how much? (NYT)

Among "15 worst corporate logo fails" is one for a property management company you'll never forget (Businesss Insider)

Crown Heights renters wake up to find their lobby transformed into a psychadelic freedom spaceship (Gothamist)

If you live near Hudson Yards, now might be a good time to invest in a new pair of earplugs, ya know, before all the underground explosions start (DNAinfo)

Single or childless in NYC? Turns out, the 1-bedroom apartment may become an endangered speciess--at least in new developments  (NYT)

...even as developers are now converting garages into luxe condos (NYDN)

Hey Bronx residents: commuting may get a little easier  (NYT)


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