5 tips for making a small space look bigger, about those 'Girls' apartments, new rules may follow deadly Midtown highrise fire, and more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | January 16, 2014 - 8:59AM

5 tips for making any small space seem bigger (Apartment Therapy)


Think you can avoid a bidding war outside Manhattan? Think again. Home prices in Forest Hills surge (DNA Info)

The best time to cash out of your family-sized apartment? When an expensive new private school opens up nearby (The Real Deal)
The  NYC apartments on Girls are actually realistic, unlike every other show on TV (Gothamist)

10 tips for buying a fixer-upper (DNA Info)

Yes, buyers do appreciate a seperate tub and shower .... if you can afford it (New York Times)

What to do when the city puts a Citi Bike station in front of your building (Habitat)

Co-op sales in Queens were hotter than Manhattan and even Brooklyn last quarter (The Real Deal)

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