Room for Improvement

Room For Improvement: These New Yorkers want better supers, efficient heating and a break from the Christmas "cheer"

By Mayra David  | November 15, 2013 - 11:03AM
Less heat, more privacy, and a super who lives up to his title: Five New Yorkers share what is driving them nuts about their apartment...
  • The winter blues I would love to be able to regulate the heat in my apartment. The heating system we have is insanely hot and inefficient. There may be some skinny old dears in my building who need the heat on as soon as the temps dip below 60 degrees. But for those of us with body fat, it feels like sweltering summer hasn't left yet. - Melissa, Bushwick
  • Parental privacy I wish I had a second bedroom for guests and our new baby. If we don't get another bedroom soon, then we may not have another baby either -- if you know what I mean! - Maraike, Inwood
  • Better super I wish our super weren't such a rude, lazy, disheveled guy. He just really doesn't care about doing a good job around the building. The lobby and laundry room do not look well kept at all. There are Christmas lights up all year round -- so in the season when they aren't lit, the place looks messy and neglected. Guests who come through always comment on them. It's embarassing. At least Christmas season is approaching and they'll be put to use again.  - Shawn, Harlem
  • Kitchen re-surface If I could, I would re-do the whole kitchen: new tile floor, new cabinetry, and fresh new appliances. But this is a rental, so I have to live with the faux marble stick on veneer surfaces. Yuck. -Marissa, East Harlem
  • Less creaky floors I would refinish the floors so they don't creak. My husband wakes me up every morning when he gets dressed for work -- at 5am. The creaking is so loud and it doesn't matter where you step! - Dolores, Upper West Side

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