The city's most promiscuous 'hoods, the high price of being a hoarder (or living next to one), and more

By Sara Alessi | November 11, 2013 - 8:59AM

Intrigued by the idea of scoring a hot roommate? Hold your horses. Love Room may be a ways away from launching (Forbes)

Or you could just move to East Harlem, the city's most promiscuous 'hood (The Date Report via Curbed NY)

UWS condo slaps hoarders with $100,000 bill--and foreclosure (Habitat Magazine)

Jumbo loans and low-income borrowers may be most affected by new "qualified mortgage" standards coming this January (NY Times)

Anyone living (illegally) in a commercial loft could be protected by the Loft Law. Apply for legal residency before March 11 (Hyperallergic)

Got bed bugs? Here's some good news (finally): You can now apply for free bed bug services (Red Lake Nation News, BedBug Central)

Here’s why you should replace those tired-looking light switches before listing your apartment (New York Times)

If you always wanted to live in a raucous frat house, Hell's Kitchen may be the 'hood for you (Gothamist)

Tech world sides with Airbnb in fight against NYC (TechCrunch)

Here’s something we all need: Organizational tips for your tiny NYC kitchen (Apartment Therapy; previously)

Here's what to do if your fellow board members are driving you nuts (Habitat Magazine)

Are brownstone apartments an endangered species?  (NY Times)

The bad news if you’re looking for a brand new place to rent: Supply is still awfully low (The Real Deal)

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