How to solve your building's pot smoke problem, small-space design tips, Hell's Kitchen housing boom & more

By Sara Alessi | November 18, 2013 - 8:59AM

Living next door to a gym may not encourage you to work out, but it might lead you to sue for dumbbell dropping (DNAinfo)

How to solve your building's pot-smoke problem (NY Post; previously)

Your co-op board interview probably wasn't as awkward as this one (Saturday Night Live)

Before you buy an apartment, read the board minutes--you'll be glad you did  (New York Times)

Latest Sandy-inspired building code changes aim to make your building more habitable during an extended blackout  (New York Times)

Curious how income in your neighborhood’s changed over time? Check out this map (WNYC)

Coming soon to Hell's Kitchen:  Thousands of new apartments (NY Times)

5 interior design tips for living on a budget in a very small apartment  (Apartment Therapy)

It just got easier to make minor alterations to your building -- now plans can be submitted electronically (Habitat Magazine)

Some big-time brokers say some surprisingly candid things in public (The Real Deal)

Ex-cons may soon qualify for affordable housing  (NY Times)

Why you might not want to move near the Brooklyn Bridge anytime soon, unless you're hearing impaired (New York Daily News)

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