Williamsburg's drinking problem; landlords use "nonrent" fees to drive out rent-regulated tenants, and more

By Sara Alessi | September 16, 2013 - 8:59AM

Think your post-divorce apartment stinks? A judge in Spain has forced a divorcing couple to split their 2,700-square-foot apartment in half (New York Times)

...of course, that won't happen to you, if you never move in with your spouse in the first place (NY Times)

Landlords accused of using “nonrent fees” to drive up rent and drive out rent-regulated residents (New York Times)

Has Williamsburg's drinking culture has gone too far? (NY Daily News)

This renter got so sick of his roommate's conversation that he decided to rent out his share. Note, interested parties must be willing to talk about Syria  (FreeWilliamsburg via Observer)

The shadier side of real estate: A Russian criminal organization laundered millions by buying pricey Manhattan real estate  (New York Post)

Shiny new rental buildings in Queens and Brooklyn present some serious competition to Manhattan  (Wall Street Journal)

Good news for Queens residents afraid of future storms:  You don' t need to worry about height violations if you want to raise your home (New York Daily News)

New real estate voyeur series “Inside Inside” might curb your neighbor envy (Brokelyn)

How to deal with a serial (illegal) subletter (Habitat Magazine)

Some perfectly acceptable ways to deal with hoarders and obnoxiously loud neighbors (Habitat)


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