Airbnb scores a victory; mortgages will be even tougher to get after Jan. 10; FSBO flop rates and more

By Sara Alessi | September 30, 2013 - 8:58AM

Victory for (some) Airbnb users: As long as one of the residents is in the apartment, renting a room to out-of-towners is legal (Forbes)

Looking to buy but can't pay all cash? Hurry up! Tighter lending standards go into effect Jan 10 (The Real Deal via WSJ)

It's easier than ever to file a 311 complaint about your noisy neighbor (and follow up on it) with NYC's resdesigned homepage (NY Times;

FSBO flop rate: 37 percent of for-sale-by-owner listings expired without a sale, versus just 7% of brokered listings (NYT)

Want to move into a no-pet building with your dog? Apply for a disability waiver like everyone else  (New York Times; previously)

Looking to really open up your apartment? Consider the wall-less bathroom  (Slate)

Here’s a look at the average monthly rent in 10 new developments in Long Island City. How does $2,294/mo sound for a studio? (Curbed NY)

Thought NYC living couldn’t get more expensive? Enter the River Club, which will be listed for private residency at $130m (The Real Deal via WSJ)

Is your building ready for another Sandy? Though storm-proofing co-op/condo buildings might be a challenge, it’s a necessary one  (Atlantic Cities; previously)

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