Developers play rough with tenants in condo conversions; Brooklyn's (cheaper) brownstone alternative, and more

By Sara Alessi  | September 9, 2013 - 8:59AM

Here's how ugly it can get when a developer wants to turn your rental into a condo (NY Times)

Brooklyn buyers pass up pricey brownstones for less expensive wooden row houses (WSJ via The Real Deal)

Take a break from your !*#>% rental search to watch this video--we promise you will feel better (College Humor via Curbed NY)

New to the Big Apple? These witty GIFs may help you master NYC etiquette (Atlantic Cities)

Your doorman can/can't be fired for dissing you on Facebook (Habitat Mag)

Get your 'burbs in the city ... no Metro-North required (New York Post; NY Times)

Think you treat your nanny well? Think again: Alec Baldwin bought a third unit in the Devonshire…possibly just for his nanny (The Real Deal)

Looking for the place where Zen and NYC real estate converge? It's this wellness-focused building at 66 East 11th in Greenwich Village--that is, if you can afford it (BuzzBuzz Home News)

Could the light fixtures in your apartment influence potential buyers? Turns out they can, so choose wisely (New York Times)

Want an apartment on the 13th floor? You're out of luck in NYC (WSJ)


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