Luxe condo files $5m lawsuit over construction defects; rental amenities now as wild as the rent, and more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | July 11, 2013 - 8:57AM

Luxury downtown condo files $5 million construction defects lawsuit against sponsor, pointing to leaks and AWOL design elements (NY Post; The Real Deal)

Bed-Stuy apartment goes for $1 million, begging the question: Are there any affordable NYC neighborhoods anymore? (New York Post)

...because despite a growth of affordable housing during the Bloomberg administration, the city's become more unaffordable (WNYC)...

...and here are the 8 reasons why the rent is so damn high (Business Insider)

Staging a small bedroom? Don't go too minimalist. Potential buyers will want to know it's usable (New York Times)

The average rent in NYC surpasses $3,000... if you don't include Staten Island (Gothamist)

Meanwhile in Brooklyn, anemic inventory throttles sales and pushes prices to a 10-year-high; bargain-shoppers hit Queens, where prices are rising more slowly despite low inventory (The Elliman Report)

Should the city start taxing luxury apartments? (UrbanBaby)

Boxing nights and James Beard House dinners top the list of amenities in new rental developments (New York Post)

Fun property value factoid: "Most people, knowing nothing else about a city, would rather live in the northern half than the southern" (Wall Street Journal)

A new website helps New Yorkers pick the right neighborhood for them (Curbed)

Think composting is just for the suburbs? Here's how to do it in a tiny apartment (New York Magazine)

Mercedes House residents will soon be treated to room service-style food delivery (Observer)

Why you may want to hold off on making any (more) big purchases until after you close on that apartment (New York Times)

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