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StreetEasy's Most Wanted: Work from home. Or don't!

By Emily Feldman  | April 12, 2013 - 8:58AM

An extra bedroom, when not needed for the purposes of sleeping, opens up a whole slew of possibilities, and many listings in the Most Wanted--the top 10 sales listings saved most by StreetEasy users this week--point that out. 

The listing for a $599k Park Slope 1.5-bedroom, 1 bathroom condo notes that the "large second room" can also make for an ideal home office or work studio. Its location in the apartment, tucked in a corner near the kitchen and far from the master bedroom and the temptation of napping, may lend itself to the work-space designation.

If more than two bedrooms are essential, consider this three-bedroom condo on the market in Park Slope for $889k. The listing cuts right to the chase: "This apartment offers a gorgeous living room, one full bathroom, two large bedrooms, and an additional den/study/guest room." The condo occupies the building's entire floor and comes with a washer and dryer, which means, if you plan on using the third bedroom as a home office, you'll have very few excuses to leave.

If the thought of sacrificing any bedroom at all is too much to consider, there are often ways to carve out space in other parts of the apartment—if it's large enough, of course. The listing for this $1.495m two-bedroom, two bath Gramercy Park condo suggests using half the loft space (pictured) above the living room as a work space: "One side can be used as an office and the other for your guest to stay."

So many possibilities. For other ideas, browse through the rest of the Most Wanted—the StreetEasy listings that got the most love and attention this week.

  1. 171 Greene Avenue — 2-bed condo, $599k
  2. 22 Montgomery Place — 2-bed co-op, $749k
  3. 21 East 22nd Street — 3-bed co-op, $975k
  4. 50 West 15th Street— 1-bed condo, $865k
  5. 61 Irving Place — 2-bed co-op, $1.495m
  6. 225 West 83rd Street — 2-bed condo, $1.35m
  7. 414 7th Avenue — 2-bed cond-op, $749k
  8. 343 4th Avenue — 1.5-bed condo, $599k
  9. 17 Saint Johns Place — 3-bed condo, $899k
  10. 150 Joralemon Street — 2-bed co-op, $495k

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