Real Estate Want: Short-term time-travel to bygone Brooklyn

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Tired of your uptown Manhattan apartment with modern fixtures and flat screen television? Maybe you want to slow things down a bit and experience a whirlwind romance in a new neighborhood or be transported to an old-fashioned New York lifestyle...just for a little while.

Well, you can travel back through time for a month or a year in this stunning Brooklyn Heights $5,500 short-term rental at 15 Pierrepont Street.

This  relic comes fully furnished so you can jump right into your new world...where you lounge amidst the intricate woodwork in the circular window seat (overlooking a private garden) or fix yourself a classic cocktail and tend to the working fireplace. 

Perhaps you can meander down the brownstone-lined streets in Brooklyn Heights and imagine you're working on a novel...or you can take one to 11 months off and actually work on your novel!

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