Real Estate Want: Bold herringbone-patterned wood floors (with no 80% carpet rule)

By Julie Inzanti  | February 7, 2013 - 2:13PM

This nicely sized $3,800 two-bed, two-bath loft-like apartment is located in a fully renovated 1907 Gothic-style former school in Central Harlem.  

The apartment features wide-plank oak floors laid in a bold herringbone pattern--a design element we love. Bespoke interiors, such as a patterned floor, add an element of charm to an apartment that plain parquet or everyday oak floors (or prefinished ones!) simply can’t.  

Hopefully, the floors separating the apartments in this building are thick enough so the downstairs neighbors don't try to enforce the 80% carpet rule. It would be an aesthetic tragedy to cover that oak floor with a carpet.


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