NYC vs da burbs: Oh, the tangled lies we weave

By Alana Mayman  | March 4, 2013 - 3:37PM

New York City dwellers pay sky-high prices--and rents--for our apartments (which, by the way, are about twice as expensive and half as expansive as our suburban friends’ places).

And though we truly believe NYC living makes up for all of its hassles/challenges, sometimes we resort to lies to convince ourselves--and our parents/significant others/suburban friends--that it's all worth it. Same goes for those who've left the city for the 'burbs....

Lies New Yorkers tell themselves:

  1. I'd never use a dining room anyway.
  2. More closet space would just mean I'd keep more crap around, so it's actually lucky not to have any.
  3. I don’t mind a sixth-floor walkup. I think of it as a workout.
  4. I take advantage of the amazing culture this city has to offer.
  5. It’s cheaper to eat out than cook.
  6. I never think about moving to the suburbs (or somewhere warm… far, far away).
  7. I hate L.A.

Lies suburbanites tell each other:

  1. My commute is the same as it was in the city  
  2. My commute is shorter than it was in the city
  3. In fact, the train from Westchester crosses the International Date Line and you actually get to work earlier than you left. 
  4. The pizza here is just as good as the pizza in the city.
  5. Montclair is just like Park Slope.
  6. I would rather be in a cold house than in a hot apartment.
  7. I don't miss the city.

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