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A real New Yorker’s wishlist for the Hudson Yards project

By Alana Mayman  | January 16, 2013 - 11:27AM

The first phase of Manhattan’s massive new Hudson Yards project has already begun.

Here’s what we know so far: The $15 billion, 26-acre mega-complex on the Far West Side will feature residential and office skyscrapers, a public square, a four-star hotel, and a huge sporting store.

That all sounds fine and dandy, but if the developers had asked us, here’s what we would have wanted in that space.

  1. A sport and concert venue worthy of the Center of the Universe.  (Sorry Cablevision, The Garden’s renovation just doesn't cut it.)
  2. Flatten the undersized and outdated Javits Center and build the conference center of tomorrow today (and not in Queens).
  3. A mall-style food court--but instead of McDonalds and Subway, what's served is dumbed-down fare from all the great chefs whose restaurants you can't afford or can't get a reservation to (Michael White, we’re looking at you!).
  4. A casino or seven--Las Vegas on the Hudson and no need to drive 2.5 hours to AC to lose your shirt, oh, we mean WIN BIG!
  5. An amusement/water park--all the fun and thrills of Disney with a NYC vibe (translation: infinitely less awful).
  6. Massive indoor playspace for children (and husbands) with all the toys and electronics you can’t fit in your junior-4. Think of it as a basement you don't have to heat or clean (perfect for rainy/cold days).  Childcare, manicurists, barristas (maybe even mixologists!) on hand.
  7. Drop-off bed bug fumigation facility that runs 24/7.
  8. IKEA (that also delivers and has a repair team on site). No need to schlep out to Jersey/Brooklyn/Long Island every time a piece of awesomely priced furniture inevitably breaks.
  9. Drive-in movie theater (bikes, scooters and skateboards welcome--this is New York after all).
  10. And just for sh-ts and giggles, a Xanadu-style roller rink

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