Real Estate Want: A hallway that takes you somewhere besides down the hall

By Julie Inzanti  | November 29, 2012 - 3:13PM

Most New York apartments are small, but the lengthy narrow hallway in this two-bedroom $3,975 per month rental at 38 Leroy Street in the West Village creates the illusion of space.   

The arched doorway at the end of this clean and crisp hallway seems to frame the next room like a picture and whisk you away somewhere else, besides just the next room.   

The long wood planked floors are the perfect rustic contrast to the modern look of the glass block windows, which filter in natural light from the bedroom while obscuring the unwanted view.

Winter’s coming…and we can imagine being surrounded by soft neutral tones while we curl up on a cozy couch with a plush cashmere throw to read a book and enjoy candles burning inside the decorative fireplace.  

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