Ms. Demeanor's Vertical Etiquette

Ms. Demeanor's "Attitude of Gratitude": Pointers for NYC Thanksgiving etiquette

By Jamie Lauren Sutton  | November 21, 2012 - 12:09PM

We Big Apple residents are not always on our best let's try to do better this Thankgsiving, shall we? Below, five rules to live by this week:

  1. In the city that never sleeps, many have to work on this most sacred of secular holidays. Be generous with your smiles and your tips. Bring a plate and all the leftover desserts to your doorman and building support staff.    
  2. The long weekend is a perfect opportunity to give back to those of us who are chronically or acutely less fortunate (and thanks to Hurricane Sandy many of those are our neighbors).  Donate your time, donate your money, donate your stuff...  Just donate! 
  3. Give some relief to your harried host/hostess. Before you unbutton your pants, roll up your sleeves and help with serving or clean up or child-minding. 
  4. Patience is never more a necessary virtue than during the holiday madness. Take deep breaths and think happy thoughts in taxi lines, security lines at the airport...  and remember Black Friday shopping is not meant to be a bloodsport. 
  5. Even if you watch the parade from the comfort of your apartment and haven't seen the tree at Rockefeller Center since you were a child, all eyes are on New York City at this most wonderful time of the year. Remember how lucky we all are to live here. 



Ms. Demeanor is channeled by a longtime Manhattan vertical dweller and real-estate voyeur who writes under the pen name Jamie Lauren Sutton. She is here to commiserate, calm and correct. Please email your quandaries to [email protected] and put "Dear Ms. Demeanor" in the subject line.

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