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Getting divorced? Maybe we can help (at least in the real estate department)

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | October 24, 2012 - 2:38PM

In New York City, real estate affects almost every stage of life: Couples often shack up earlier than usual to avoid paying two rents and parents decide on their total number of kids based on their housing budget (and maximum number of bedrooms). 

Divorce also has some serious real estate implications in NYC, so, in this week's SurvivalList roundup, we're focusing on posts concerning this not-so-happy life cycle event.

New York City exes have all sorts of unusual living situations -- some rotate between two apartments (while kids stay put) and some even live in the same building (we have some etiquette tips for the latter).

But many divorce-related quandaries involve co-op boards. Questions arise, like, Will a co-op board turn me down because I'm divorced? and Will the co-op board cut me a break on my maintenance?

Note: If you're trying to avoid divorce altogether, we recommend staying away from studios.

For these and more divorce-related posts, scroll down.

Co-op boards and divorce:

How to get almost anyone past a co-op board

Ask an Expert: Will a co-op board turn me down because I'm divorced?

Ask an Expert: My ex- moved out. Will the co-op board cut me a break on my maintenance?

Different divorce/real estate permutations:

I share two apartments with my ex

Sharing a building with your ex, for the kids

Divorce/real estate etiquette:

Dear Ms. Demeanor: How do we tell the building we're getting divorced?

Dear Ms. Demeanor: Seperated but living in the same building

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