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Dear Ms. Demeanor: Is it wrong to put a nanny cam on the dog walker?

By Jamie Lauren Sutton  | October 10, 2012 - 3:18PM

Dear Ms. Demeanor,

I have a small dog we shall call Ursula.  She is my baby - I love her as much as I love my two older daughters who have left the nest.  My work schedule changed and we have to hire a dog walker for her afternoon walk.  

I think we should get a nanny cam to check up on the dog walker who comes with excellent references but who is still a veritable stranger to us (and to Ursula).  My husband thinks I should have my head examined.  

Please weigh in.


Puppy Love


Dear Puppy Love,

Love is love for sure.  Ms. Ursula deserves the same level of care and concern that your daughters did when they needed a caregiver and it could not be you.  

As a fellow dog lover, this is more a question about nanny cams in general than a nanny cam for the dog walker.  

While I would love to think that the world is a perfect place and we could trust everyone, that is simply not the case. I personally do not have a problem with nanny cams.  I think that caring for any sentient being, especially those without words (whether newborn, elderly or canine), requires the understanding that your bad actions or inaction bear scrutiny.  

If you decide not to nanny cam, ask neighbors and building staff for their impressions.  

I hope Ms. Ursula finds a new friend in your dog walker and you soon rest easy with her or her in his care.

Bark bark,

Ms. Demeanor

Ms. Demeanor is channeled by a longtime Manhattan vertical dweller and real-estate voyeur who writes under the pen name Jamie Lauren Sutton. She is here to commiserate, calm and correct. Please email your quandaries to [email protected] and put "Dear Ms. Demeanor" in the subject line.

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