The 7 deadly sins of NYC real estate

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New York is a city of famously unapologetic sinners, and few things bring out our devilishness as much as real estate.

Behold, the 7 deadly sins and how they manifest themselves for those of us living, renting, buying, and selling in New York.

1. Gluttony 
You've already combined two units but--crazy with desire for a home office and heedless of the impact triple maintenance charges will have on resale value--you're the first one through the door at the wake when your next-door neighbor keels over.

2. Lust 
 ... for the washer-dryer in the apartment of the person who threatened/persuaded the board/landlord that it was necessary as a 'reasonable accommodation' for her elevator phobia under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

3. Greed
You, a board member, vote to turn down a buyer for an apartment in the same line as yours, who is paying less than you think your apartment is worth.

4. Envy  
Your knickers are in a knot about your 80/20 neighbor paying $650/month for the same apartment that costs you $4,000/month

5. Pride 
You are one of those people on the co-op board who is looking for 'the right kind of people' for the building.

6. Sloth
You refuse to walk more than two blocks for anything; you have everything else delivered. We're talking groceries, dry cleaning, breakfast, dinner, toothpaste, EVERYTHING.

7. Wrath
You let the air out of the bike tires of the co-op board president's son who, after a playdate, ratted out your unauthorized garbage disposal.

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