11 reasons you should tip a little more this year, including that incident in the elevator

By Alana Mayman  | November 30, 2012 - 3:07PM

For BrickUnderground's annual rundown on whom and what you should be tipping this year check here, but if you can check off any of the items from the list below, you may want to give the relevant building staff just a wee bit more this year....

  1. You rent out your place on Airbnb (nope, still not entirely legal).
  2. You've got an unauthorized garbage disposal, washer/dryer, etc and the super looks the other way (so far)
  3. You or someone in your household puked in a public space this year.
  4. You live on the 28th floor, an intolerably long elevator ride to the curb for your not-quite housebroken and too-big-to-carry Labradoodle, Truffles.
  5. You are often running two minutes late to get the kids off the school bus, and the afternoon doorman has become a pseudo-nanny.
  6. You are renovating and you live above the super. Or next door to the board president.
  7. Your toilet needed to be snaked...  twice.
  8. Your wife went in to labor at home and the porter accompanied her to the hospital and waited until you got there. 
  9. You have an Amazon/eBay/ addiction and all those heavy boxes need to be carried up by someone.
  10. You're desperately waiting for a corner unit to open up, and you think the doorman's got the early intel.
  11. Your porter found you passed out in a drunken stupor outside your door and let you inside your apartment... twice.

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